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Jennifer Goodson, portrayed by Shawnee Smith, is Charlie Goodson's ex-wife. Jennifer and Charlie met and married out of high school. They divorced because of Charlie's frequent cheating while on the road as a minor league baseball player. They have one daughter named Sam. She has also gone into a business venture called "Vanicures", which is a mobile nail salon for women with nail emergencies.


Jennifer was married to Charlie during his baseball years. She gave birth to Sam shortly before their divorce. She also mentions having tried to have another baby with Charlie to save their marriage.


Jennifer displays some unique traits. She is willing to get along with Charlie, but constantly tries to one-up him with insults. She commonly refers to events like him cheating on her as simply mistakes that she uses to mock him. She is also smart enough to see when he is using Mel to make Sam think he is less superficial and uses this against him. She also thinks less of Charlie's patients, even once stating that "they look like regular people" to which Charlie replies "so do you".

She's seen loving to scare Sam out of her wits when the latter was younger, pretending to be dead among others things.

It's also shown that she very much desires a love life again, but her terrible luck in men prevents this.

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