Anger Management is an American comedy series that premiered on FX on June 28, 2012. The series is based on the 2003 film of the same name and stars Charlie Sheen in a role very-loosely similar to the one originated by Jack Nicholson from the film.

As of November 14, 2013, 52 episodes of Anger Management have aired.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD and Blu-ray release date
Premiere Finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 10 June 28, 2012 August 23, 2012 January 8, 2013 January 14, 2013
2 90 January 17, 2013 TBA October 15, 2013 October 21, 2013 TBA
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1 1 "Charlie Goes Back to Therapy" Andy Cadiff Teleplay and Television Story by:

Bruce Helford

June 28, 2012 101 5.47[8]
When Charlie almost beats his ex-wife's boyfriend (Brian Austin Green) with a lamp after an anger relapse, he decides he needs to go back to therapy. Unfortunately, he is currently having sex with the only therapist he trusts: his best friend Kate. Since the number-one rule of therapy is not to have sexual relations with patients, Charlie must choose between his love of sex and his need for help. 
2 2 "Charlie and the Slumpbuster" Gerry Cohen Kristy Grant June 28, 2012 103 5.74[8]
Charlie is visited by a troubled woman (Kerri Kenney-Silver) he had a one-night stand with while playing in the minor leagues. Wracked with the guilt of using her as his "slumpbuster", he pretends to date her and realizes she acts like less of a girlfriend and more of an obsessed stalker. 
3 3 "Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation" Bob Koherr Dave Caplan July 5, 2012 106 3.37[9]
Charlie attempts a new way to help his patients, which involves putting them through 36 hours of sleep deprivation with the hope of releasing their inhibitions 
4 4 "Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient" Andy Cadiff Bob Kushell July 12, 2012 102 2.42[10]
A long-standing rivalry over who's a better therapist leads to war when Kate steals Patrick, one of Charlie's group patients. 
5 5 "Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is Legit" Rob Schiller Daley Haggar July 19, 2012 107 2.65[11]
Charlie falls for Jen's hot new business partner, Lori (Denise Richards) only to find she thinks therapy is a scam. In the therapy group, Patrick asks Charlie to counsel the angry ghost of his mother, who he believes is haunting his apartment. 
6 6 "Charlie Dates Kate's Patient" Sam Simon Shauna McGarry July 26, 2012 109 2.41[12]
Inflamed by Kate's comment that he's only "nouveau smart", Charlie starts covertly dating a brilliant coffee-shop barista (Kristen Renton). The only problem is that the woman is turned on by sex where there's a chance of getting caught—and she's Kate's patient. 
7 7 "Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail" Gerry Cohen Michael Loftus August 2, 2012 104 1.58[13]
Charlie and his ex, Jennifer, are having an issue with how Charlie still tries to manage her life when Cleo—one of Charlie's patients from his prison anger therapy group—shows up on his doorstep, fresh out on parole. Jennifer decides to get back at Charlie by dating the ex-con. 
8 8 "Charlie Outs a Patient" Rob Schiller Brian Posehn August 9, 2012 108 2.10[14]
Charlie has to evaluate the depth of his involvement in his patient's lives when he accidentally helps his patient who vicariously enjoys other people's anger hook up with a crazy woman. 
9 9 "Charlie's Dad Visits" Bob Koherr Story by: Daley Haggar

Teleplay by: Brian Posehn & Kristy Grant

August 16, 2012 110 2.05[15]
Charlie gets an unexpected visit from his hyper-critical, bullying father (Martin Sheen), who tells him he is moving to town to be closer to him; in the therapy group, Charlie attempts to help Lacey with road rage. 
10 10 "Charlie Gets Romantic" Bob Koherr Janae Bakken August 23, 2012 105 1.98[16]
After Charlie and Kate have sex, he innocently asks her if she wants to go to a movie. Kate interprets this as a romantic gesture, rushes to fix him up on a date the next day with someone else and the two are forced to examine the nature of their odd relationship. At home, Sam kisses a girl at school and a picture of it ends up on Facebook. Charlie and Jennifer have worries that their daughter is a lesbian. 

Season 1 (2012)

Season 2 (2013)Edit

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
11 1 "Charlie Loses it at a Baby Shower" Steve Zuckerman Michael Loftus January 17, 2013 201 1.82[17]
Kate starts feeling even more like she and Charlie are becoming a couple, when he takes her to his sister's baby shower and the two start beating married couples at a version of the "Newlywed Game." Charlie then loses control of his anger when his sister becomes overly judgmental of both him and Kate. Meanwhile Patrick is convinced that Ed's daughter is a lesbian, and tries to tell him. 
12 2 "Charlie's Dad Starts to Lose It" Andy Cadiff Clay Graham January 17, 2013 202 1.66[17]
Charlie grows concerned when his father begins to express signs of Alzheimer's disease. Patrick tries to help Nolan dress for success. 
13 3 "Charlie and the Ex–Patient" Gerry Cohen Daley Haggar January 24, 2013 203 1.34[18]
Charlie pushes ethical boundaries when he begins dating a former patient, then learns that some of her other previous therapists are after the same thing that he is. 
14 4 "Charlie's Dad Breaks Bad" Bob Koherr Eric Weinberg January 31, 2013 204 1.40[19]
Charlie thinks that his dad has gotten mixed up with a bad crowd of rogue senior citizens, until he learns that Martin is the ringleader. 
15 5 "Charlie & Jen Together Again" Gerry Cohen Bob Kushell February 7, 2013 205 0.99[20]
After a black mold outbreak, Jennifer and Sam temporarily move in with Charlie while their house gets fumigated. Kate is less than pleased to learn that Jen and Charlie will be living together. 
16 6 "Charlie and Deception Therapy" Andy Cadiff Eric Weinberg February 14, 2013 206 0.93[21]
Ed has been crankier than usual, so Charlie and the group persuade him to take a placebo pill that supposedly reduces anger. The plan seems to work out great and Ed claims that he no longer needs therapy, but it eventually backfires sending Ed back to Charlie's group. Jennifer wants to know Kate better, so she insists that Charlie let her go out with them. 
17 7 "Charlie Dates a Teacher" Bob Koherr Michael Loftus February 21, 2013 207 1.04[22]
Charlie dates his daughter's teacher after meeting with her to discuss Sam's grades, and he soon starts to fear that Sam's grades are related to how well he performs in bed. 
18 8 "Charlie & Cee Lo" Gerry Cohen Dan Dracht February 28, 2013 210 1.20[23]
Charlie takes on Cee Lo Green as an anger therapy patient. Cee Lo's requests go way beyond anger management, but Charlie is reluctant to back out because it may jeopardize the dream job that Cee Lo helped Patrick land. 
19 9 "Charlie is an Expert Witness" Gerry Cohen Dan Dracht March 7, 2013 209 1.27[24]
Charlie and Kate face off as expert witnesses in the same trial. Meanwhile, Nolan has become unusually quiet in group therapy, so Charlie gives him a weekend assignment to paint his feelings. Lacey takes a surprising liking to the macabre work of art. 
20 10 "Charlie & Catholicism" Steve Zuckerman Dave Caplan March 14, 2013 208 0.85[25]
Charlie gets into an argument with Martin after he finds out he had Sam baptized behind his back. 
21 11 "Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry" Andy Cadiff Kristy Grant April 4, 2013 211 1.02[26]
Lori (Denise Richards), the gorgeous yet eccentric woman who dated Charlie previously, returns and wants to start things anew. But Charlie realizes she can only enjoy sex with him when she's angry. While out on the town with Jennifer, Kate discovers she is giving off a "vibe" that she's attached. Meanwhile, Patrick and Ed compete to find the ideal rich guy for Lacey. 
22 12 "Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan in Trouble" Bob Koherr Dave Caplan & Bruce Helford & Bob Kushell April 11, 2013 212 1.25[27]
When Lindsay Lohan (playing herself) comes to Charlie for therapy, they begin a tumultuous relationship. 
23 13 "Charlie and Lacey Piss Off the Neighborhood" Bob Koherr Daley Haggar April 18, 2013 214 1.29[28]
Charlie's neighborhood is up in arms when they find out he's been having clients with anger issues meeting at his home. 
24 14 "Charlie and Kate Horse Around" Bob Koherr Shauna McGarry April 18, 2013 216 1.13[29]
Charlie takes the group on an equine therapy retreat. 
25 15 "Charlie's Patients Hook Up" Gerry Cohen Renée Estevez April 25, 2013 217 0.68[30]
Charlie inadvertently puts two patients in his group together in a romantic relationship. 
26 16 "Charlie and Kate's Dirty Pictures" Bob Koherr Rob Ulin May 2, 2013 218 0.95[32]
Charlie gets jealous and uses a patient, Nolan (Derek Richardson), to spy on Kate. 
27 17 "Charlie Lets Kate Take Charge" Gerry Cohen Dave Caplan May 9, 2013 215 1.13
Charlie lets his father help him coach a high school baseball team with bad results. 
28 18

"Charlie and the Break-Up Coach"

Gerry Cohen Ray James May 16, 2013 213 0.64
29 19 "Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic" Andy Cadiff Bob Kushell May 23, 2013 219 0.78
30 20 "Charlie Breaks Up With Kate" Bob Koherr Eric Weinberg May 30, 2013 220 1.02
31 21 "Charlie and His New Therapist" Gerry Cohen Renée Estevez June 6, 2013 221 1.65
32 22 "Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study" Gerry Cohen Ray James June 13, 2013 222 1.11
33 23 "Charlie and the Secret Gigolo" Gerry Cohen Daniel Dracht June 10, 2013 (Fox) 223 1.71
34 24 "Charlie and His New Friend With Benefits" Kevin Sullivan Bob Kushell June 13, 2013 224 0.78
35 25 "Charlie and the Airport Sext" Gerry Cohen Shauna McGarry June 20, 2013 225 0.92
36 26 "Charlie and the Hot Nerd" Gerry Cohen Daley Haggar June 27, 2013 226 1.21
37 27 "Charlie Dates a Serial Killer's Sister" Gerry Cohen Michael Loftus July 11, 2013 227 1.09
38 28 "Charlie and the Cheating Patient" Bob Koherr Kristy Grant July 18, 2013 228 0.87
39 29 "Charlie and the Hit and Run" Gerry Cohen Rob Ulin July 25, 2013 229 0.84
40 30 "Charlie and the Virgin" Bob Koherr Shauna McGarry August 1, 2013 230 0.98
41 31 "Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex Life" Gerry Cohen Kristy Grant August 8, 2013 231 0.85
42 32 "Charlie and the Prison Riot" Gerry Cohen Clay Graham August 15, 2013 232 1.10
43 33 "Charlie and Kate Do It For Money" Bob Koherr Dave Caplan September 5, 2013 233 0.80
44 34 "Charlie and the Sting" Gerry Cohen Daniel Dracht September 12, 2013 234 0.75
45 35 "Charlie Gets the Party Started" Gerry Cohen Daley Haggar September 19, 2013 235 0.84
46 36 "Charlie and the Grad Student" Bob Koherr Clay Graham September 26, 2013 236 N/A
47 37 "Charlie's New Sex Study Partner" Bob Koherr Dave Caplan & Bruce Helford & Bob Kushell October 3, 2013 237 0.66
48 38 "Charlie and the Sex Addict" Steve Zuckerman Bob Kushell October 10, 2013 238 0.68
49 39 "Charlie and the Hooker" Steve Zuckerman Corinne Stikeman October 24, 2013 239 0.62
50 40 "Charlie and the Devil" Gerry Cohen Daley Haggar October 31, 2013 240 0.69
51 41 "Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the Exes" Shelley Jensen Andy Roth November 7, 2013 241 0.75
52 42 "Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich" Gerry Cohen Rob Ulin November 14, 2013 242 N/A
53 43 "Charlie Loses His Virginity Again" Steve Zuckerman Daniel Dracht November 21, 2013 243 N/A
54 44 "Charlie Does It for Science" Bob Koherr Michael Loftus December 5, 2013 244 N/A
55 45 "Charlie Sets Jordan Up with a Serial Killer" Bob Koherr Shauna McGarry December 12, 2013 245 N/A
56 46 "Charlie and the Christmas Hooker" Bob Koherr Shauna McGarry December 19, 2013 246 TBA
57 47 "Charlie and the Pajama Intervention" Bob Koherr Dave Caplan January 9, 2014 247 TBA
58 48 "Charlie Sets Jordan Up with a Serial Killer" Bob Koherr Rob Ulin January 30, 2014 248 N/A
59 49 "Charlie and the Twins" Bob Koherr Clay Graham February 6, 2014 249 N/A
60 50 "Charlie and His Probation Officer's Daughter" Shelley Jensen Kimberly Altamirano February 27, 2014 250 N/A