Sam Goodson
c. 1997 (age 15)
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Samantha "Sam" Goodson is the teenage daughter of Charlie and Jennifer Goodson. She is portrayed by Daniela Bobadilla.


Sam is insecure but intelligent, with a sardonic sense of humor and a case of Obsessive-compulsive disorder, that leads Charlie to dive into his therapist techniques to help her.[1] She is fixated on getting into a good college.

Season 1Edit

She seems to live back and forth between Charlie's and Jennifer's homes in a joint custody agreement. Her father, Charlie is overly protective of his daughter, and often loses his temper when he views something as a problem in her life. Sam has obsessive compulsive disorder and is fixated on getting into a good college. She's even forming an SAT study group.

Season 2



She has OCD, which according to Charlie, get worse as she gets stressed out. Because of this, she keeps a large amount of "lucky" items, including her baby teeth, which she believes she needs to pass every test. She is smart enough to change her mother's facebook password, so she could go on facebook whenever she wants. She is naive enough to believe that her father is dating Mel. She is also impressionable, as shown when Jennifer's new boyfriend tells her that college is a waste of time, which convinces her that she doesn't want to go to college. 


In the the season finale of Season One, Sam kisses a girl at school and a picture of it ends up on Facebook, which leads to her divorced parents, Charlie and Jennifer, having worries that their daughter might be a lesbian.


  • There is a three to four year age difference between Daniela and her character, Sam Goodson.
  • Despite the fact that Daniela Bobadilla is 19 years old (as of 2012), her character, Sam Goodson, is supposedly 13 years old.

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